Health Benefits of Synbiotics

Synbiotic supplements, which combine prebiotics and probiotics, can promote a healthy balance of gut bacteria. This improves digestive function and boosts the immune system.

Additionally, synbiotics have been known to have therapeutic effects for conditions such as allergies, anxiety, and depression allowing you to have a more joyful wellness journey.

Not all synbiotics are created equal.

We're not about big claims or half-truths. We wanted something simple, clean, and backed by science. Not convinced? Check our work.

Main Benefits of Mana.™

Curious about how Mana.™ Synbiotics bring joy to your gut? Here are some of the unique ways Mana.™ Synbiotics can help you on your health journey.

Mana.™ helps build beneficial gut microbiomes essential for immune response, bodyweight regulation and more. 

Our patented Proline technology enables Mana.™ to survive in the acidic gut tract, safely arrive in the small intestine.

Our patented Silk Fibroin technology ensures the survived probiotics strains to safely adhere to the gut.  

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