Ah, the supplement aisle. The grocery store's most hectic aisle. You'll see brands claiming to fix problems you've never heard of. It's like WedMD in real life. Do I really need 1000mg of Vitamin A to stop myself from going blind? Do I seriously need to take 5 capsules of fish oil a day to prevent heart failure?  

Thats why we at Olina, the makers of Mana.™ Synbiotics, have formulated effective supplements that target a variety of health goals all in one patented blend. No, you don't have to waste your money on 25 bottles of different vitamins. It's all in our magic sachets. Well, not magic exactly. Let's talk nerdy. 

Two key patents make Mana.™ Synbiotics unique and set us apart from other probiotics you'll see in the supplement aisle: Proline and Silk Fibroin. These patents are what make our dietary supplement more effective, so you know you're getting a high-quality, powerful synbiotic.  


Patent one is Proline (Patent KR165516, 2016), a naturally occurring plant substance which enables survivability in extreme environments. Your stomach is no picnic. Proline helps the supplement make the trip to your gut. It increases the survivability rate of the active probiotic strains up to 40%. This means that 40% more strains make it to your gut compared to other supplements that don't have this patent. 


The second patent Mana.™ Synbiotics uses is Silk Fibroin (Patent KR1981790, 2019), another naturally occurring protein. It's used in a variety of drug delivery applications because of its excellent biocompatibility, biodegradability, and low immunogenicity.  

Silk Fibroin enables the adhesion of Mana.™ to the intestinal lining. This gives your gut the ability to absorb the essential strains of probiotics so Mana.™ can do its work. 

In fact, adhesion to the intestinal lining increases up to 1.9 times. This way, you can have peace of mind that you're getting all the benefits Mana.™ has to offer. 

Why this Matters 

Bacteria are fragile; they're sensitive to heat, oxygen, light, water, and they don't do well without protection from stomach acids or bile. The science of probiotics requires precision and accuracy. In collaboration with leading scientists and research partners from around the world, we have developed research-backed and market-tested probiotics for effectiveness. We sweat the little details, so you get really good gut results.  

The next time you find yourself questioning what supplements you need at the store, consider if they have the science and patents to confirm their effectiveness. We at Mana.™ can say with certainty that we do.